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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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apartment complex in redwood city that is completely engulfed in flames, the top first -- the top floor i should say, maybe the one below it as well. we do have a crew on the scene. this is actually on woodside road about a mile west of el camino real between union and kentfield avenues. wow, these flames are ferocious to say the least. fire crews, tweeting out from redwood city. they say of course crews are on the scene. we have our own reporter headed to the scene. the chopper is going to stay on this as we continue to take you live to redwood city where crews are working this four-alarm fire. no word yet on injuries at this point. >> you can see this one spreading all over that building. it's going to be very difficult for firefighters to bat thl one back. you see the wind taking that smoke. hard to believe these flames are just blazing like that. you can see how this breaks
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down. we'll continue covering this. chase cain is on his way. we'll be filing reports shortly. we also sfr more breaking news to tell you about this time in oakland. police on the scene where a car goes through a warehouse and into a parked car. this happened a few hours ago along martin luther king jr. way and 29th street. officers there a wild scene. they had to taser the driver after he tried to run away following the accident. or crash i should say. chase cain right now has an update. >> we're at 29th and mlk. what police say happened was a couple blocks from here they saw someone driving a vehicle that was stolen so officers were keeping an eye on the person. the driver took off, started speeding down 29th street and the person driving the stolen vehicle plowed into the front of this garage, ripping down the door, ripping it off the frame and slamming into that car you see that was parked actually all
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the way against the back wall. that's how fast oakland police say this guy was going when he slammed into this door. it was about an hour and a half ago that paramedics were on scene taking care of the person behind the wheel of that stolen vehicle. that is because when oakland police showed up, when they saw that this guy crashed into the front of this garage the guy was trying to get away. police told him to stop. the person did not. police say. sand that's when an officer pulled his taser and tased the man that was apparently driving that stolen vehicle. paramedics treated him and he is in custody of police. they say he is going to face several charges including possessing a stolen vehicle and attempting to run from police. police are sort of wrapping up their investigation because they have who they believe is the only person responsible for this in custody. the owners of this storage garage are going to have quite a mess to clean up and one totaled
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vehicle inside. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thank you, chase. now to the ongoing negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its unions. of course the good news this morning is b.a.r.t. trains are running. now the question is what happens tomorrow? right now both sides are at the bargain ing table trying to get a deal done. they have been there all night long. christie smith is live outside the caltrans building in oakland where negotiations are being held. you have more on this developing story for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. maybe no news is good news. we're thinking this might be coming to an end at some point because consider this, these negotiations actually started at 10:00 yesterday morning. now and then we'll see union reps come out. they look tired. perhaps the only one more tired of this are the b.a.r.t. riders who have been held in limbo while these talk goes back and forth. b.a.r.t.'s lead negotiator walked out around 1:45 this morning but didn't answer
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reporter questions. as usual the federal mediator came out to say trains would be rolling, no strike. this time the announcement came around 10:30 last night. about 30 minutes after the unions said they would give notification. there is still a gag order in place. where these talks stand is unclear but there with are has been progress and the mediators are trying to cover creative solutions. senator feinstein weighed in. she thinks that b.a.r.t.'s package is generous. >> i think it's a very bad time for a big transportation strike. i think it hurts a lot of people. and i was mayor of san francisco for nine years and nine years as county supervisor and i saw in those days the 70s and partly in the 80s, a large number of public employee strikes. they don't work. they leave deep scar tissue.
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>> reporter: the final package offered by b.a.r.t. the last we knew, 12% over four years, an employee increase in contributions to pension and health insurance, riders seem to be voting with their feet on this one. ridership down over the past couple of days while riders wait to find out what's going on. also it's costing b.a.r.t. $200,000 a day to keep all of those shuttles on standby. of course today again there is not and as soon as we hear anything we'll let you know. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. from b.a.r.t. to ac transit we can tell you buses will be rolling. governor brown using his power to avoid a strike set for 12:01 yesterday. the governor appointing a board. that will put off any strike at least for one week.
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after the investigation is complete the governor can request a 60-day cooling off period like he did back in august with b.a.r.t. we can tell you more than 100,000 people depen on ac transit. >> the government shutdown is over for now but it's not a long term solution, the deal passed by both houses of congress funds the government through january 15th, and it extends the debt ceiling until february 7. in the short-term it's a relief for federal employee who is will be returning to work for the first time in 16 days. those workers will be guaranteed back pay and the deal will free up crash for fighting wild fires and providing more money to help areas of colorado hit hard by flooding. >> also welcome news for tourists and locals who are now able to enjoy national parks and landmarks once again.
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visitors will be able to check into lodges and camp sights as of noon. all ranger-led programs and guided tours will resume. people will be able to visit the rock. cruises out to alcatraz should resume in the next three hours and the golden gate recreation area, muir woods and four points will reopen to visitors this morning as well. >> we have continuing coverage of the temporary and the government shutdown on line at search shutdown and coming up in the next half hour a look at the tech impact of the shutdown including some of the first tweets from federal agencies that are allowed to use social media. >> you feel the momentum. >> in motion. >> we hope it will stay in motion on capitol hill. never know. 6:07.
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christina is here checking that weather for us. >> good morning. it's a good thing that yosemite reopened because it's on time for the peak fall color. if you want to head out there it's also one of the quieter times. they don't get a lot of traffic through there this time of year as much as in the summertime. but you want to look in the lower elevations. you'll find the trees, the eastern slopes october and november the as spens yellow. the papals and weeks bright read. look at this photo. just beautiful. we're happy to know it reopened. 49 degrees. 50 in livermore and 49 in san jose. a good looking afternoon shaping up. temperatures are going to climb 30 to 40 degrees over the span of the day under strong high pressure. so "today in the bay" works like this. 76 degrees inland at noon.
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84 at about 4:00 p.m. bayside. temperatures around 81 for you today and 76 holding on to mid-70s even at coast. then temperatures tumble. what that means for where you live. the seven-day outlook. here is mike inouye. >> we have our chopper so i did want to show folks because this might be a concern through redwood city and folks who work in redwood city. this is the five alarm fire, on wood side road. highway 84 between 101 and 280. this is union and sent field. no official word from law enforcement in the area but we say avoid the area, lots of fire. five alarms, lots of activity. look at these on the scene. all of those fire crews. let me take to you the maps. this is the peninsula.
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highway 84, middle of the screen. that's your alternate to get around that. you'll go past st. pius church close to woodwide road. that is the way to get around that activity or a little to the north a few miles but you can take 92 as you cut over. but avoid 84 between 101 or el camino and 28 because of all of this fire activity. the rest of the peninsula moves smoothly. it's the east bay where we see slowing because of that commute, the astro valley. both san mateo and dumbarton moving smoothly. we'll show you the backup at the toll mass as we have metering lights on. reminder b.a.r.t. and ap transit are running today. we have a sip cal commute. >> thanks so much.
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coming up, 24 years since the loma prieta earthquake. how the image is inspiring change. >> how an earthquake awareness event is prompting our own bob redell to practice that all important suck and cover tech neck. >> california struggling with unemployment claims and michael jordan playing bobble again? we'll take a look. >> an update to breaking news as we take you live to redwood city and from our chopper a live look at raging flames at this apartment fire. it's now been deemed a five-alarm fire. tons of fire crews on the scene.
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breaking news in redwood city. our chopper is above the scene
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of a five-alarm fire burning at an apartment complex. this is happening on woodside road about a mile west of el camino real. you can see a firefighter right there going in as they try to get a handle on this fire. it started within the last 30 minutes or so and the flames are just ferocious. >> scary scene. the flames engulfed this building. you saw the firefighter walk inside. you can see some of the roof starting to cave in. so it's going to be a dangerous one. we saw a multitude of fire trucks as they are starting to be able to spray water on these flames. so intense. so much of the building on fire where the firefighters have to be so careful as they walk in and be aware of where they are stepping. that can cave in. >> it looks like this apartment complex is at least three stories. it's hard to get a good look at it because it's still very dark. we're waiting for the sun to
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rise which will provide a better look. it does look like at least a three-story apartment complex. most of the flames there on the top floor. such a scary scene. redwood city fire of course is on this. i'm sure other agencies in the area are helping out because of the size of this fire. redwood city fire is tweeting out the latest information so we are keeping our eye on that twitter feed as well and of course we have our own chase cain, he is headed to the scene. we look forward to live reports from him for a ground view. >> yes. the firefighters putting themselves in harm's way. we saw the guys with flashlights trying to figure out the best way to attack this. >> we should mention no word on injuries. we haven't seen people who live there actually out and about, obviously people had to evacuate. >> monster fire. 6:15. let's change gears, wall street, well, it saw the news coming, investors driving the dow 200 points higher. >> scott mcgrew, may be money
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coming off the table. >> all of this coming after the announcement that washington had reached a deal on the debt ceiling and the government shutdown. then i think you saw some sell on the news. wall street more confident than i was that congress would be able to come to a reasonable decision. generally good spirits from investors, they knew the shutdown was damaging enough that the sfed going to have no choice but continue quantitative easing. i think you'll see buying on wall street san jose's ebay warning the holiday may not be as strong as hoped and is blaming the government in part. ebay points out consumer confidence dipped during the shutdown. a few minutes ago we got weekly jobless claims. the number is still messed up because of california. our state's new computer system is so botched it's failing to pay out benefits and can't tell anyone including the government how many people are newly out of
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work. sacramento plans to hold hearings. and robert parra, the founder and ceo here in silicon valley, challenged michael jordan to a game of one-on-one basketball. he's going to pay $1 million to charity if jordan will say yes. he can afford it. he already owns his own basketball team t memphis grizzlies. i didn't realize that jordan owned a team as well. one i never heard of. the charlotte bobcats. >> yes, it is. yeah. >> i'm going to point to this guy for the answer. it is. >> it's not surprising you haven't heard of them. they haven't been very good. >> i love to see michael jordan. i'm from chicago. i'd love to see him come back and play a game. >> i'd love to see michael jordan do anything. >> the guy is a legend. thanks. we'll keep our eye out for number 23. back out to the breaking news in
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redwood city. this one a five alarm fire at an apartment complex. multiple trucks on the scene working to find the best angle. >> this is on woodside road between union and kentfield avenues. woodside is the same as highway 84 so mike was talking about traffic being affected. you want to take valoda road off 84. we got a better look. it looks like it's two to three stories with the bottom level is really the garage area and then the apartments build on top of that. no word on injuries. we have a reporter headed to the scene. on this wide shot you can see all of those fire trucks, several fire engines, out there as they work to contain the flames. >> difficult situation. best wishes for the
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firefighters. stay safe please. >> are winds a factor? >> no. we have calm winds which is good news. 6:19, the one thing not so great is the winds are moving offshore so they are very dry. we're not seeing the moist ocean air. you can see that from the wind direction. mostly back out to sea but you'll notice the light winds below 5 miles per hour across the area are starting to shift. throughout the day they will shift more for tomorrow and temperatures will drop. as a result i have taken your numbers down from yesterday's highs. temperatures are chilly, not as cool as 24 hours ago. in the upper 40s, something you can peel off later on because we're going to jump by 40 degrees over the course of the day under strong high pressure. high pressure is going to remain in control as we head throughout the next few days, it will weaken and we're going to see a
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different pattern over all as we get into the end of the weekend and into next week. so enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. clear cold mornings, warm and bright afternoons. 84 degrees in livermore, 83 in gilroy, and 79 degrees in fremont. so it's that time of year where you are likely using your heater in the morning and then if you're like me, probably turning on that ac in the afternoon. things are going to change as we get into this weekend. look at the difference between saturday and sunday. temperatures drop off as low clouds return and we'll hold on to the cool pattern through wednesday of next week. let's get an update. mike has a busy morning. >> we'll start in the south bay where we had an early backup. that's consolidated back to 680 and 880, pretty standard for 87. the the san jose area looking all right. up the peninsula, traveling between 101 and 280, the connector at 84 is now an issue
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because of that apartment fire that jon and marla have been telling you about. we have it around volota. that's the way around it. also sand hill to the south of there will connect you between el camino real and 280. our chopper is at the scene. look at all of the flames and the smoke. so again, avoid this and we're tracking this. of course the rest of the drivers in the area. back to the maps, a quick flow to the north at 92. 84 as well. the east bay slowing off 238 and a nice flow but the metering lights are on. back to you. >> mike, thank you. 6:21. coming up duck and cover. >> and you never know when an earthquake's going to strike. you never know when an earthquake's going to strike.
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oh, boy. >> we will go inside the earthquake safety event that has bob read the rumble. >> on the other side of this break we'll update breaking news in redwood city a massive five alarm fire.
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right now, a five-alarm
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fire, our chopper above that scene of this burning apartment building on woodside road. this is about a mile west of el camino real. we're checking the tweets from redwood city fire. the assumption is there are injuries. we'll keep you posted. >> it's 6:25. today marks 24 years since the loma prieta earthquake in california. commemorating the quake and raising awareness for the next big one. >> kicking off the great california slakout which happens statewide every year. bob is live at a shakeout event in san jose. we understand plenty of people and a few zombies will be participating. what's that about? >> reporter: a little later this morning i guess trying to tie in to halloween, and do you guys feel that? or is it just me? >> be careful, bob. >> reporter: unpredictable.
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i have to drop, cover and hold. a magnitude 8 it's very isolated. just struck here in san jose. i'm glad my photographer took the advice about drop, covering and hold. it's is the great slakohake-out. this started in 2008, the drill, and it's now spread throughout country, it's going to be in canada, italy, japan, guam. and the whole point is to get people to at 10:17 this morning to drop, cover and hold. an earthquake drill is remind people of the importance of protecting yourself when the big quake hits. 10:17 being october 17, that's when we had the 6.9 that struck. reminding you today, always have enough supplies for 72 hours, if there is a quake you might need it for 72 hours before everything is restored. you'll notice the things that
6:27 am
fell. books fall down. but you want to keep larger items strapped in. especially the big screen tvs. have those strapped in. protect yourself and be prepared. great shake-out. wow. i think i'm going to need some dramamine. 10:17 this morning, 1.5 million in the bay area alone participating. >> be careful in there. 6:27. an update to the breaking news in redwood city. our chopper above the scene of this raging apartment complex fire on woodside road. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll have the latest. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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crews are battling this five-alarm fire at an apartment complex on woodside road. look at these live pictures courtesy of our chopper. chase cain is headed to the scene. he joins us on the phone now with the latest. chase, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we are actually just arriving on woodside drive. we can tell you that for at least a mile away you can see and smell the smoke. this is clearly a very large intense fire. redwood city fire saying it is a five-alarm fire, that they have been battling here. we're also hearing from redwood city there are possibly some injuries at this apartment building from what we've been able to tell, looks like a four-story apartment building here. the fire broke out around 45 minutes ago. obviously in the early morning hours many people may still be in bed, may not be awake when the fire broke out. a big thing has been trying to make sure they can get everyone out. we are, again, just arriving at the scene. there are quite a few fire
6:31 am
trucks, a lot of roads in this area again woodside drive near union avenue, quite a few roads blocked off. so if you are heading out the door you should be aware of that. we are here hopefully we'll be able to talk with some folks in the next few minutes and bring you more information sometime in this half hour. that's the latest live at the scene. >> quickly, does it seem like the firefighters are able to get close enough and have angles? we haven't seen a lot of water shot up. are they having a tough time getting the building or finding appropriate vantage point? >> reporter: you know, from what we can tell, we're still trying to get actually closer to the fire. we're about a block away. you can see the fire is very much burning, there is an orange glow in the sky. there are a lot of buildings close together which you may be able to see. they have to navigate between and keep the fire from spreading to another building. as we are here you can see, you
6:32 am
can see the orange glow in the smoke pouring out of the building so it's a lot of work to be done. >> you mentioned that this look likes a four-story apartment complex, certainly a big one. have you seen any of the evacuees out and about? >> well, we're still trying to get a handle on who may be an evacuee and is someone stopping and looking. it's a pretty busy street. some fast food restaurants so there's a lot of traffic and activity. some are gathering, some may know folks that live in that building so they are coming to check on them and help them out. really a lot of people, first responders at the scene. we're trying to sort out really who is who as we're just arriving. >> chase, thanks. we'll let you get to that and gather new information for us. we appreciate it. we want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. you mentioned that the winds aren't necessarily a big problem for the fire crews. >> no.
6:33 am
they are actually relatively calm right now, marla and jon. i can tell you they are going to pick up the next couple hours. you will notice the flames mostly shooting straight up. they are not bending that much because our wind speeds this morning are relatively calm. he just saw that ember fall to the ground. from what i've been watching, they are getting a little bit of an upper hand. we're going to continue to check on this throughout the morning hours. but yeah, the good news is the weather this morning is not that active. it's very calm. we don't have reduced possibility to get in the way of them being able to see that fire in redwood city. i want to show you the numbers. the one thing we have to worry about is they are pointing offshore. that offshore flow is a dry wind, as the winds move from land to sea they dry out and warm up. that's going to keep us warm this afternoon. like i said before we're going to get an update coming up with
6:34 am
mike inouye on the status of the roads. 54 in san francisco. take you down to the south bay, a chilly start in san jose at 49. ìáhp & gilroy. we're headed to mid-80s, bayside 81, and at the coast 76 degrees, as promised here is mike inouye. >> we're looking first of all we'll talk about redwood city and the drive. there is a major issue there. here there is a major connector. we move the camera around there were reports of a truck fire as you approach san francisco. here you see the upper deck and it's a smooth drive here. i'm told one lane is blocked by a pickup truck. i'm tracking this. we see slowing off of treasure island where there is another stall reported and the metering lights likely to turn down. they likely slowed the lights
6:35 am
down. we'll see that cause more backup. on the peninsula, driving over 92 and 84 clear to 101. chp says 101 is getting smoke from the redwood city fire. we have that closure. that's not far from st. pius. that's a handmark along the stretch. there are a lot of businesses. avoid 84 to the south, sand hill road will take you between el camino real and 280 or 92 to the north is year as well actually 101 through the areas, you have a couple of alternates. on the east bay side we have slowing, we have the build from 101. north 85 at the bottom and look at the pest bay a. smooth flow. the build continues on the
6:36 am
dumbarton to mission boulevard. >> still ahead we update you on breaking news from redwood city. a big time major fire going on at an apartment complex on wood side road. that's about -- trying to battle this back. you say you read that red cross is on the scene. >> yes. the red cross is responding to the red morton community center in the area so. evacuees are encouraged to head there. we are hearing there are injuries involved. not necessarily a surprise. chase is on the scene gathering the latest to find out about meem evacuated about those injuries. just the trout fire crews are taking to tackle these flames. the good news is that christina says that the winds are calm so that makes it easier. >> we'll be back with more.
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let's get you updated on breaking news in redwood city. a massive fire out there. this report came in a little over an hour ago. originally a four-alarm fire burning, it's been upgraded to a five-alarm fire. just engulfing an apartment complex there. this is on woodside road about a mile west of el camino real between union and kentfield. sounds like some injuries have been reported.
6:40 am
>> we are hearing that of course some people have been injured in this. red cross is responding at the red morton community center, so it appears that's where people are being told to go for help. morton community center is a mile away from this fire at this apartment complex. we have chase cain on the scene gathering the latest. no word on a cause. it is way too early to determine that. but it look likes the flames are contained at least to the top floor, maybe a few apartments engulfed in flames. those have been raging now for some time. >> we've seen them spread quickly. chase cain who is on scene tells us it looks like a four story complex. we have bob redell shifting to this so we'll have team effort trying to cover this. we've seen the firefighters firing water and also trying to find ways to get inside that building to look for ways to battle from inside and make sure as you mentioned it doesn't
6:41 am
spread. did it look like it spread? those flames are raging. tough to control. >> and wood side road has been shut at gordon and massachusetts. mike will have the latest. woodside is also known as highway 84. the alternate route is take valoda road is, if you are in this area, then you're going to want to be aware of this. again, this is a five-alarm fire at an apartment complex f. you do a google search of the address it comes up labeled as the terrace apartment complex in redwood city. of course this is just a huge story unvolding at this hour. the first tweet came out about 5:30 so it looks like this lab going on well over an hour. >> we've seen tweet from redwood city fire. they are saying multicasualty incident. that mean there is are some
6:42 am
injuries, we don't have an official report. we'll have a live report from chase cain. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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>> we take you live again to the breaking news we're following in redwood city. our chopper still above the scene of now a six-alarm fire burning at an apartment complex on woodside road. this is about a mile west of el camino real. this six-alarm upgrade happened in the last few seconds. there are several engines on the scene as crews really try to get a handle on these flames. we have "today in the bay's" chase cain, he is on the phone now. what have you learned? i know you arrived in the last 20 minutes or so. >> reporter: yeah, we are here
6:45 am
on the ground across the street from the apartment building. we can tell you that just in the last minute or so that it looks almost as if something may have exploded inside the building. at least this fire got cranked up because now the flames are shooting probably 20 or 30 feet building. what you can see there live from our chopper which is overhead, the part of the building is toward the rear off of woodside drive. it's a four-story building. what we are hearing from red wood fire is there may be several people hurt but no word on the extent of injuries or even how many people may have been hurt because the focus is getting this fire under control. red wood fire, menlo park fire, agencies are coming from all around the area to help out and try and get this under control. one of the things may be tough to see from the chopper, but there are several buildings which are very close to the side
6:46 am
of this apartment building, so not only do they have to try to contain the fire in that building but keep it from spreading. there are a lot of folks on the street watching this fire, some live in the building. they told us that they heard alarms going off, they heard firefighters apparently here quickly knocking on doors and getting people out of the building. we are waiting to confirm how many may have been hurt but this fire does not seem to be showing signs of slowing down. intense fire and we'll be on the scene, hopefully bring you live pictures coming up. >> chase, we've been watching this, for a little over an hour. we're hearing reports that entire roof has collapsed and fallen through. you mentioned some structures there nearby. what's next to this complex? are they houses, other multiple dwelling units? and how close are the flames? >> reporter: jon, there is a bit of distance between the flames
6:47 am
and the other building but looks like from the chopper that's near the back of the building. on the street that runs along side or on the street that runs behind this building in that dark area off to the left, that is a neighborhood so those are single family homes. on either side of the fire there are two and three-story buildings, businesses, moisture it seems, a couple of gas stations and fast food restaurants. directly behind off to the left is a neighborhood so. certainly a lot of concern to keep the fire from spreading. >> chase, we appreciate you working the scene for us there. also i want to mention that red skros responding to the fire as a standard procedure. according to police they are setting up at the red morton community center around the corner about a mile away from this complex. so perhaps that's where people are seeking refuge.
6:48 am
to think in the last hour, hour and a half what you're looking at was somebody's home. that puts it into perspective for me. also known as highway 84, we have mike in house and checking the roads because i'm sure this is going to be quite the spectacle and woodside road, a portion, is shut down near the scene. >> the flames are eating that structure up. very quickly. they will be out trying to knock this down. we'll kup our eye on this to see how much luck they have. again this one vor tover the la hour has done nothing but spread. this one is going to be a long haul. >> we mentioned luck. mother nature providing a little bit of luck for the firefighters today. meteorologist christina loren comes in now to talk about pretty calm winds. >> calm winds, they are dry but rather calm. and yeah, looked like they were
6:49 am
making headway but chase reported minutes ago there was a loud explosion from within the building. so that does not look well for the situation out there. the weather you can tell however, the winds are pretty light because you can see that smoke plume heading up into the atmosphere as well as the flames which is actually good news. and that means that the smoke plume will not drift that far away from redwood city. we have the deep black rich smoke out there this morning, that is the dangerous smoke. throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be comfortable. we're going to see winds pick up. not until after sunrise at 7:15. the sunrise we'll get a better picture. 7:19 this morning along the peninsula. we're going to see pretty good conditions for the first part of the day. followed by a warm, very warm afternoon. especially inland with temperatures in mid-80s yet again. so, if you like what we've been serving in the weather department we have another day
6:50 am
of cold morning making way to a beautiful sunny warm afternoon. temperatures right now mostly in the 40s and the 50s. about 43 degrees to kick off the day in gilroy. high pressure is firmly in control. this ridge of high pressure has kept us warm and kept those winds from land to sea that cleans out the marine layer. we don't have a marine influence to keep us cool. in san francisco, temperatures soar. today no exception. we'll be about 5 to 10 degrees above average under strong high pressure. 76 in san francisco. 80 in san jose. 84 for livermore and 82 out in concord. next three days work like this. temperatures are going to stay mild. then the changes really come into the mix. temps dropping like a rock. into sunday, monday and tuesday with temperatures expected in the upper 70s, a return of that crisp fall air. temperatures at average as we head throughout next week. each and every day.
6:51 am
let's get an update on the drive. here's mike. >> we're looking to the south bay first where we have the build north 101 shows the slowdown. but it's 87 where i'm concerned. just got word north 87 the commute direction around capital expressway word of a motorcycle accident or crash involving a motorcycle i should say. no word on that. we do have a slower drive for 85. this could be some folks rereport causing a disturbance. following that and also 280 northbound as well through the area. the other concern is talking on the peninsula this time is wood side road which is closed. this is highway 84 between el camino real and 280. that is closed now in the area of gordon and massachusetts. pass by union following the 6 alarm structure fire. instead of using woodside use sand hill road. the chopper on the scene and we'll bring you pictures. there we. go you see the structure fire, at least the top. maybe one or two levels
6:52 am
affected. we have seen a bunch of crews. a six-alarm fire off woodside road closing the connector. so you'll use sand hill or 92. we're tracking this of course as well. we'll get back to the maps and the commute. toward the rest of the peninsula which is moving smoothly for the area. again there is 92, the alternate to the north. no problem for the bridges across the bay. the east bay shows the slowdown typical for 880 and 580 out of the tri-valley. we'll get awe live look. the bay bridge has a backup at the toll plaza. there were reports of a stall at treasure island that's a problem and that slowed down metering lights so more slowing on the approach. i turned the emeryville camera. you see slowing off 580 off of the east shore freeway t berkeley curve, 880 we see things bogging down so the big approach out of the maze. watch for that as well. back to you. breaking news on the peninsula firefighters are
6:53 am
struggling to gain the upper hand on this massive fire. six alarms burning out of control at this apartment complex about a mile from el camino real. chase cain is live at the scene now. chase, what is the latest from your perspective? >> reporter: as we mentioned we have been on the ground for the past few minutes. the fire that be growing. no signs of letting up. there are quite a few people who were evac watd. loan is linda. tell us how did you first know that the building was on fire? >> well, actually i heard people standing outside talking first, and then i kind of woke up and then i heard the bell going off. and i knew something was up so i went to the door and touched the door and it was cold. i peeked and there was smoke so i ran back in got my bath robe, shoes and purse and ran out down the stairs. >> so you were able to get out and you were on the front of the building. >> i'm on the very front corner of the building away from the
6:54 am
fire. and it's not even on my floor. i'm on the second. the fire is on the third. >> the people on the third floor how did some of those in the back of the building get out? >> most of them, the ones i met on the street told me they had to go out over their balcony. somebody was helping somebody down from the third floor down to the second floor action his balcony. and people were getting out okay. >> there was actually fire and smoke in the hall, they consistent get out the door. >> they i don't get out in the hall. >> have you heard if any have been hurt? >> i don't know. somebody fell over a fire hose but there is one person -- i haven't seen her or heard from about her yet. so we're not sure. yes. somebody we know. >> you haven't seen her out here. >> no. >> hopefully she was able to get out and you're just separated from her. >> exactly. >> i know firefighters have been coming around asking you to check in and let them know that
6:55 am
you're here. >> right. so we've been checking in with the police first so they could check every apartment. now we're checking in with the red cross. >> have the firefighters or anyone told you what that i have started this? >> no. some guy told me that lived across from it that he heard a lot of noise and he heard a thud like something dropped and heard screaming. but by the time he went to the door the smoke was so bad he couldn't get out. he had to go over his balcony. he lived across from whoever it was. anything, yeah. >> hopefully they are getting everyone out. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us and hopefully your apartment will be spared. we appreciate your time. hearing from linda who was able to get out pretty quickly. although it seems at least maybe one of her neighbors not accounted for. that is one thing, they have a clip board and asking everyone
6:56 am
to check in, make sure they have their name so they will know that everyone got out even if there may be minor injuries. we're waiting to confirm that with the redwood city fire. the big thing is they are focusing on this fire, if we can come back here to the ground. you may be able to see over the top of the fire truck sort of through the trees there. the fiery pouring out over the roof. it's the third floor of the apartment, it's a four-story building. you can see the fire at least in the back of the building haesy much torn through everything. still a lot of work for firefighters on the ground to do. this has been upgraded to a six-alarm fire. >> chase, we have learned while fire crews, emergency personnel are taking a head count out there that there are four known injuries, two moderate and two minor. >> we see the timber falling from the roof dropping down. firefighters, it's tough from our perspective to see how they
6:57 am
are battling this. i don't know if you are close enough. have you been able to see how many angles or sides of that building they are able to fire water from? >> i can tell you there's at least two because the side closest to us they have truck there is. we see them spraying water from the ground. we've seen a couple of firefighters on the roof but they have been tort the front of the building. the year of the building is gone. they have to be careful not to fall through. we have, if we can zoom in, they have at least two ladder trucks going up to the roof of the building. there are hoses also on those ladders. so they may be able to get water from that point but they are getting water from the side of the building closest to the camera as well as the back as well. we have menlo park, redwood city, a lot of agencies to try to help out. >> great update.
6:58 am
showing us that crane up there, from the chopper shot we see flames. appreciate the update. we'll check back and more from you. appreciate that. it's a rough one. moving on, now to the ongoing negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its unions. of course the good news here this morning b.a.r.t. trains are running. the question remains, however, what happens tomorrow. right now both sides are at the bargaining table trying to get a deal hammered out and they have been there all night long so this is another marathon. christie smith is live outside the caltrans building where negotiations are still being held. hopefully you have more developing news to tell us. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. a couple minutes ago i saw b.a.r.t.'s lead negotiator walk out. i asked are you done for the night. he said no, just taking a break, hard to believe considering that the negotiations that are still going on now actually started yesterday at 10:00 in the morning. so at this point what we know trains rolling.
6:59 am
this is the fourth day they have gone past the midnight deadline. not a lot of information because there is still a gag order. both sides saying there is progress. at this point we're waiting for word, we saw people going in. they may go longer. as soon as we have an update we'll let you know. live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we want to take you back live to the breaking news in redwood city. our chopper above the scene of this six-alarm fire at the terrace apartments in redwood city on woodside road, also highway 84. we're hearing from the fire marshal there are four known injuries, two moderate and two minor. emergency crews on the ground getting a head count trying to make sure everyone is accounted for. >> this is on woodside road that has been shut down, so if you have to be in the area, make alternative routes that you can get around and stay away from this fire. red cross on scene.
7:00 am
>> we'll have another update at 7:26. good morning. the crisis is over. >> we will begin reopening our government immediately. >> but for how long? >> this is a terrible deal. >> this morning, some are vowing to fight on as washington kicks the can down the road. calm for justice, a rain case that has torn apart a small town. >> i felt really weak, worn down, just like i wasn't worth anything. >> this morning, the accuser comes forward with her side of the story. and too close for comfort. >> oh my god, right under the board. >> a paddle boarder gets up and personal with a great white. we will talk with him about that encounter today, thursday,


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